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Pentagon Federal Joins Navy Federal Credit Union to put Military Member’s Financial Fears at Ease

Perhaps following the lead of Navy Federal Credit Union, the Pentagon Federal Credit Union has announced their own contingency plan to help bridge a gap if the Federal Government delays military pay days now through the end of the fiscal year. “Government Default Contingency Plan Due to the uncertainty surrounding the national debt ceiling, PenFed … Continue reading

Congress Votes to Increase Military Pay by 1.6% in 2012 July 8, 2011 House Approves 1.6 Percent Pay Raise For Service Members By Kellie Lunney The House on Friday approved a 1.6 percent pay raise for military personnel next year. The chamber passed the fiscal 2012 defense spending bill (H.R. 2219), which included the pay provision, by a vote of 336-87. President Obama recommended … Continue reading

Why I "Skimmed The Cream" off my TSP

This week I rebalanced my TSP account. Please don’t misconstrue this as a market timing decision. It really wasn’t. I was just very satisfied with my returns, saw that my stock and cash allocations were out of balance, and logged in and readjusted. I subscribe to Ray Lucia’s “Buckets of Money” strategy. It is a … Continue reading

Manditory TAP

According to the May 11, 2011 issue of the Washington Post a bill has been introduced called the “Hiring Heroes Act of 2011” which would, among other things, make the Transition Assistance Program, or TAP, mandatory for departing military members. The sponsor for the bill is Sen. Patty Murray, a Democrat from Washington. Her web … Continue reading

Long Term Care Insurance Open Season

For the first time in years, the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program is in the middle of its open season. This means that it is easier than at other times to get into the program, and only requires minimal personal medical information to allow underwriting. The web site is Now, do you need … Continue reading

Military Members Dodge Political Bullet

We were all relieved that the Government avoided a shutdown this week and that our paychecks will be normal on Friday. Many military families felt panic that should be considered a financial warning signal. If you were afraid you weren’t going to be able to feed your family or make the rent because your paycheck … Continue reading

The 8% Challenge

I’ve written before about ways to set aside your emergency fund, including account types to use that allow you to access your money in an actual emergency, but that also set up “speed bumps” that make you think twice before you actually use the money. Now I’d like to focus on a technique that you … Continue reading

Are you confused about the IRA Options out there?

If you feel like you need an encyclopedia to decipher all the retirement account options out there, I recommend you visit Mr. Thousandaire’s YouTube video on the Roth IRA. In just under 8 minutes he’ll break down why the Roth IRA is such a strong method of maximizing returns and minimizing taxes. Take a look!

Retirement Hot Spots for Military Members

Charles Schwab’s “On Investing” magazine this month offered a roll up of retirement city options. What was interesting to me is that it used a combination of different sources to create the graphic comparison of different options, including CNBC, CNN Money, the AARP Magazine, and CBS Moneywatch. They highlight the following cities: Burlington, Vermont Asheville, … Continue reading

James Glassman’s New Tale

Eleven years after “Dow 36,000” comes Jame’s Glassman’s new book, “Safety Net” takes a decidedly different approach to saving for the long term. in a business section front page story in the March 6, 2011 Washington Post, Glassman, speaking in the first person, says that he has reached the conclusion that times are different now, … Continue reading