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In Consideration of Living Abroad

Photo Credit: The popularity of HGTV’s House Hunter International program demonstrates that Americans are at least intrigued with the idea of living abroad. The images of beach-side hideaways and cobblestone streets are appealing, and all the real estate agents speak English without an accent. Marketwatch published an article about the world’s top 10 retirement … Continue reading

New Raise…Keep It

If you’re an active duty military member, you just received your first paycheck for 2012. Like me you saw a raise of 1.6%. If you haven’t already done so, consider contributing this increase to your personal savings program, whether that’s your TSP, a ROTH IRA, or just a savings account. Over time this process of … Continue reading

TSP Limit for 2012

Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 2012 contribution limits — You can contribute up to $17,000 in tax-deferred money to the TSP in 2012. If you are a member of the uniformed services, you can contribute a total of $50,000 in tax-deferred and tax-exempt money. If you will be age 50 or over in 2012, you can … Continue reading

SBP DIC Offset Headlines Making Headlines

If you’re a military member now or a disabled retiree you have probably been watching the recent headlines about spouses of now deceased veterans having to remarry to collect benefits. First, let’s think about the Government’s intent. The intent is to provide every surviving spouse a stipend in the event of a military member on … Continue reading

TRICARE Supplement Policies

Here’s my current list of available TRICARE Supplements. Please comment on any/all of them if you have experience with the companies. Air Force Association American Military Retirees Association Uniformed Services Benefits Association Military Officers Association of America Military Benefits Association Retired Association of the Uniformed Services Reserve Officers Association TRICARE Reserve Select Association of the … Continue reading

Top-Paying Post-Military Careers

Here’s a link to a great article about the best paying Post-Military Careers. What I like about it is the active links to the available jobs and the career overview with salary statistics. This could be valuable when negotiating a salary and benefits package.

Military Retiree Health Care Costs Go Up Today

Today military retirees will pay 13% more for their Tricare For Life benefit. For the first time in a generation, the Tricare enrollment fee has gone up. The Department of Defense has been trying to raise the fee for years, but were only able to do so this year. What did this increase cost? $60 … Continue reading

Secretary of Defense Vows: Any retirement changes won’t affect serving military

Panetta: Any retirement changes won’t affect serving military By Jim Garamone American Forces Press Service WASHINGTON (AFNS) — In his clearest statement on the subject to date, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta said today that if the military retirement system changes, it will not affect serving service members. “I will not break faith,” the secretary … Continue reading

Greatest Risk to Military Retirements: Changing the Rules After the Game Begins

Despite discussions in military circles of fundamental changes to the military retirement system, the Senate is actually working towards changing the way the government adjusts retirement pay to account for inflation. Currently the government uses a pre-defined basket of commodities to gauge the growth of inflation. This basket is called the Consumer Price Index for … Continue reading

Changing the Military Retirement System

Andrew Tilghman, writing in the Military Times newspapers, did a tremendous job of succinctly outlining the proposed new military retirement system. This proposal, which is certainly not a new concept, would provide military members with contributions to their eventual retirement without requiring them to serve a 20 year career. This system, which is called “cliff … Continue reading