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Buy or Rent?

A recent article in the Air Force Times newspaper discussed the topic of whether military members should buy or rent a home following a PCS move. With the summer move cycle upon us, many active duty service members are considering the options now. The desire to own the home you live in is a strong … Continue reading

Roth TSP or Roth IRA

Now that the official announcement is out regarding the ROTH TSP accounts, it’s time to evaluate the options. First, review the details. ROTH TSP: Contributions are post-tax No income limitations for ROTH TSP contributions Contribution limits are $17,000 for taxpayers younger than 50 years (plus $5,500 catch up if older than 50) Earnings are tax … Continue reading

Radical Money Saving Ideas for Military Families and Retirees

Recently I read an article regarding “Radical Money Saving Ideas” like moving to the country, raising livestock, and eating off the dollar menu. Right. Here are a few radical ideas that military families could try and actually have a huge impact on their bottom line. Live car free. Rent a smaller place, or live in … Continue reading