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Value of a military retirement

Simply put, the value of the retirement benefit depends on the life expectancy of the veteran. According to the Social Security Administration, a male retiree 45 years old will live for about another 32 years( If he retired from the military as an O-5 with 22 years of service, his retirement benefit would be $4274 … Continue reading

Should we change the military retirement system?

According to the non-partisan Pentagon Advisory Board only 17% of military veterans ever collect a pension for their military service. This small but vocal group is screaming to ensure that the current system is left untouched. As a military member with more than 20 years of service, I am glad that they’re fighting for the … Continue reading

Military TSP participation Rises

Reviewing the announcement from Government Executive discussing the TSP, I took note of the military participation rate, quoted at 49.5% of active duty military personnel. This compares with 84.9% of government civilian personnel who usually receive matching contributions to their Thrift Savings Plan Accounts. Military members are not eligible for matching funds, but as I’ve … Continue reading