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Keeping Your Cool During Back To School

Back to school often mean a spending extravaganza, a budget bending binge where you have to have everything right now. Whether you are purchasing the 600 red pencils that the teacher says is “on the list” or it’s the new MacBook Pro, it’s easy to justify extraordinary spending on education.

It’s necessary to budget for back to school shopping just like you do for Christmas. Set the budget, then make your list. Here are a few discounts available to military members that might help you stretch the budget.

Cell Phones


Paper, Pens, Rulers, and other supplies

And there are lots more. The main thing is to ask for a discount and to remember the price matching policies at the NEX/AAFES stores.

Stick to your list, don’t get taken in by the hype that your can’t spend too much when it comes to education, and you’ll enter the school year without a mountain of debt around your neck.



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