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Measure of a Military Member’s Family Life

Robert Powell inspired me to consider the measure of a military member’s life in his recent posting on the measure of a life.

Here’s the link to his words:
Robert Powell

The size of a nest egg is no measure of a man

Some might think that taxes due on an estate might give a sense of the measure of a man. But I am recently returned from the funerals of two men and I am here to report that the measure of a man has nothing to do with how much money one earns or saves.Read the rest of the story

It is traditional at the military retirements and promotion ceremonies that I’ve attended to review the service member’s service record based on where they’ve served and highlights of their duty. We recognize their families, thanking them for their support throughout their military member’s career. This year, during the Air Force Year of the Family, I hope we can remember the sacrifices and specific contributions they make to support the mission of the armed forces.


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