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The VA is working on my case…

Second in the series.

I contacted the VA this week to get an update on our application. The VA rep picked up in less than 3 minutes, and had access to our information at his fingertips. My son, to whom I am transferring my benefit, was with me at the time, which became important. The rep needed to verify that he was speaking to me with my son’s approval, since his social security number is now associated with the benefit.

Lesson 1: When transferring your benefit, in order to then get information about the application make sure your child is available to approve the release of information.

Question: Can I put a Power of Attorney on file?

The agent reviewed the application and assured me that all necessary information had been received. He asked if I had gone on the Dept of Defense web page to transfer the benefit. I told him I had, but apparently he could not see that side of the application.

Lesson 2: You must transfer your benefit with both the DoD and the VA, and they can’t both see each other.

(Need the web page at DoD? It’s best to use your CAC card to do this, but it takes only a few minutes.)

After just a few questions he let me know that everything I need to do has been done and that I can anticipate getting a response back soon. I asked if I should provide my certificate of eligibility to my son’s school to verify that the process is underway. He advised me to do so.

More soon…


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