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Quicken offers free online service

If you have several bank and brokerage accounts, credit cards, a mortgage, and a retirement savings account, and you want to have a single web-site to view them all, you have a couple of great choices.

I’ve been using for several months, but the ad presence has been a bit annoying to me personally. Then I read about Quicken’s online service. Like Mint, it’s free, and I found that it only took me about 15-minutes to enter my accounts into the system. The upload was fast, and quickly I was able to see all of my recent transactions.

I’ve been a Quicken customer for many years, so the interface was familiar to me. What I haven’t figured out is how to enter assets to offset my liabilities. For example, I can depict my outstanding mortgage, but I haven’t found a way to enter the value of the house.

Quicken will save you alot of time if you periodically monitor all your accounts. This will simplify your financial life!


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