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Retire to Mount Olive, North Carolina

I have had the same book in my bed side nightstand since 1988. It is “Cash in on the American Dream: How to Retire at 35,” by Paul Terhorst. The book, though no longer in print, has had a big influence in how I approach the idea of retiring on my Military retirement.

His idea is to reduce living expenses as much as possible and to invest in ultra-safe products once you reach a core retirement nest egg.

Instead of retiring to a ocean front condo in Miami, you could instead buy a modest home in a community like Mount Olive, NC. Mount Olive is just about perfect for a military retiree. It is just 15 miles from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base and 90 minutes from Fort Bragg. This gives you excellent access to commissary and exchange stores, as well as exceptional medical care. Seymour Johnson has all the best things that the Air Force has to offer, including a golf course, library, auto hobby shop, legal office, chapel, and bowling alley.

Mount Olive is just 60 minutes from Raleigh and the Research Triangle. NC has favorable tax treatment for military retiree.


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